Stay inspired! Draw more often!

How? Here's a few tips.

1. Try new art supplies!

- But luizaaaaaaaaa, I don't have any money, and I can't afford new art supplies and fancy stuff!

Noooooo. No no no, not expensive ones. Not even literally "new" ones. Try using your old art supplies if you still have them, get maybe some cute scrapbook paper or even magazine pages and make a drawing/collage thing. Push yourself and use stuff that are out of your comfort zone. I find that using new things or just changing up the materials I use can boost up my creativity and can get me out of my art block. And also, if you want to use new/cute stuff try ordering stuff from websites like AliExpress or Wish. They have a lot of cheap stuff. And I repeat CHEAP. As a broke artist myself I can safely say that AliExpress has saved my life.

2. Try other people's art styles!

I have kinda talked about this in another post about being inspired (what a coincidence) but there is a challenge that is pretty popular in the art community and it is called "The Style Challenge", where you can draw certain characters (even your OC's ) in other styles. I have never tried it myself I must say but it sounds extremely fun, and maybe you can find out what aspects of a person's style you really like. If you do the style challenge you could maybe show it to me on Instagram (my user is luiza.247 ) I would absolutely love to see what you did! And if you post it anywhere please don't forget to give them credit.

Credits to: Loish

3. Make art friends!

Surrounding yourself with friends that also draw a lot can boost your inspiration by so much! I know it from personal experience. Everytime I see friends of mine that draw I get the motivation to draw something myself. Maybe ask them to give you prompts for stuff to draw and they will always be there to show you new artists on all sorts of platforms.

4. Personify objects!

Or animals, or veggies and fruits, or anything! Look around the house and find a random object or any thing then draw it in your sketchbook or a piece of paper or... I don't know, I have no idea what you're using. But the point is, turning objects into drawings and making them look alive is so much fun!

I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I honestly had no idea what I should write about. But I missed it so much. If there are tips that I have talked about before I am honestly sorry for that. I just wanted to give you guys some inspiration (if there is anyone still reading).

I hope you are all having a great day. Keep on drawing! xx