My art supplies!

Hey guys! Today I'm gonna show all my art supplies... so.. Let's do this!
(sorry but I have no idea how to make an intro :s )

1.My pencil case
Well, this is my pencil case, and I don't know, I just keep all my pencils, colors and liners in it, and I just love its pattern!

2.Sketching stuff
As I said, in my pencil case you can find my stuff that I use for sketching, lineart and..yeah..
First and first, here are some Pencils! They are all tipes of: HB, 2B, 3B, 6B, 8B,4B, B etc.

   Here are my lineart pens... yep.
One of them I don't know what size is... sadly.

An ordinary cheap pen. It's a gel pen. It's blue. It's cute.

A... blender? I got it from a sketching and pad set... I use it sometimes, but it makes a cringe noise, and it triggers me :\

Moreeeeeeee pencilssssssssssssssssssss!

An ordinary permanent marker. Yep.

And this is a white pen, sadly I didn't found a gel pen, but at least, I got this thing that is like a paint marker combined with a regular marker lmao

3.Coloring Stuff
Next, as you can see, these are my coloring stuff.. that I use for coloring! Yay?

Here are some of my graphite colored pencils. The first ones are from Kooh-I-Noor, and the second ones from Cretacolor.

This is my set of alcohol-based markers from Spectrum Noir. They are in pastel shades. Probably, my favorite thing from all my art supplies.


These are my erasers, pencis sharpeners and stuff.
The lemon/orange shaped sharpener is my favorite one :D

The first eraser is mouldable, the second and the third are regular ones.

5.Brush Markers
These are my brush markers. I got them from my mom, and I really love them! Again, some art supplies that are pretty cheap, but very useful.

6.Art supplies for painting

These are some acrylliques, watercolors and brushes, but I'm not really into painting, I'm still trying to learn techniques and yeah xD

These are oil pastels and I got them from my lovely sister <3
Thanks sissssssssssssssssssssssss

Sooooooooooooooooooo, this was the post, I'm very happy with what art supplies I have, I hope my collection will get bigger and bigger in years xD
I hope you enjoyed it, and you are gonna see new posts soon, because I don't wanna be lazy anymore, and post weekly on this blog.
Sorry for the long post, there's another random photo that I'll leave it here, for you
Byeee, my dear art loverssssssssssssssss

By Bianca


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