My first original character.

Sahara Safari, the first character I ever made, has.. a pretty controversial story.

It all started when she was seven years old and her mother (that took care of her by herself because her father died in a war before she was born) was taken away as a slave by millionaires who were navigators and made traffic of people of color from Africa. Sahara managed to escape, but she mostly spent her childhood on the run. After she lived 2 months in the ruins of the devastated village, where she lived until now, she was found by a white tourist couple that were passing by with their jeep. 

They took her to live in Boston with them, but their other girl Annelisse, a little annoying spoiled girl, always tried to make Sahara regret the fact that she exists. Sahara tried multiple times to run away from home, but always ending on getting grounded, but at the age of 17 she managed to run away forever in New York, where she discovered her new passion: travelling. All the money she made working at the zoo garden in the center of the city, she spent the money on bus or train tickets.

Now, at the age of 21, she traveled in countries from Asia, such as Saudi Arabia, China, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, and more other countries from other states, but especially from Asia, because the panoramas and traditions of asian countries amazed her in a special way.

Other than her passion for traveling, Sahara also likes taking pictures of nature, urban panoramas and animals in their natural habitat. Her favorite colors are beige and mustard yellow, her favorite food is sushi, her favorite animal is the elephant, and her pet is a chameleon named Rosie.

By Bianca..