My artwork as a digital artist

Hey guys! In today's post, I'm gonna show you my drawings that I created with my beautiful Wacom Tablet that I received as a gift from my lovely uncle (Please, check out his site about interior design).

Sooo, here is my first time trying the tablet *cringing internally*, not my best drawing, but this wasn't like a serious project or anything, it was more like testing the tablet.

Oook, the next one is a girl that randomly cries in the forest lol, I just couldn't make the eyes open, so I made her crying, it seems more easy to me. It's funny how we, artists, are improvising if something doesn't look well, or can't draw something, like the "hack" to draw people hiding their hands behind their back, because can't draw hands, lol. Anyway, the background is just a random photo from google blurred by me, if you're asking.

This one is a cute ginger-haired girl. The way I colored her reminds me of Candace from Phineas and Ferb, hehe. Anyway, in this drawing I tried a cartoony style, and, it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

The next one, this a very colorful portrait, it's just colored by me. The line-art part is a template from a lovely artist from Facebook named Sasha. I really love how it turned out, the blending from her eyes is my favorite.

Ok, this drawing is not my favorite.. it's ok, I guess. IT'S NOT PERFECT, but, I have to admit, that I was pretty happy how it turned out when I finished it. But now I'm not that impressed.. ACTUALLY I did better drawings than that, ok? Lol I have to chill down.

Aaaand, the last one, is this fan-art for Marina And The Diamonds, one of my favorite singers, and it doesn't look exactly like her, but I guess it's pretty cute.

Well, that was it for this post, a short one tho, but I hope you enjoyed it, to me, it seems pretty boring, because I don't have a lot of drawings made with my tablet, but I hope I will draw more in the near future.

Again, I hope you liked it, and I will see you soon, and, don't forget, never give up on your passions (art, in our case)!

P.s.: Please, if you want to post any of my drawings anywhere (please) give me credit.

Aaand, I will leave you with my pretty cat, Bizu (pronunciation: Bee-zoo) :D


By Bianca