Art Challenges!

Hello again, art lovers! In today's post I will show you some of my favorite drawing challenges, that you can try whenever you want, and that I'm probably gonna try soon :)

My favorite part about these challenges is, that when you're going through an artblock, or you're just inspirationless, don't know what to draw, you can just give a search on your old friend Google, and maybe you can find something that can be useful for you. By the way, I did myself some art challenges in the past, but usually I'm not into that type of things. Anyway, let's not talk too much about useless things, and get into the real post!


This challenge is about choosing 3 markers, colored pencils, crayons (etc) blindly, and with the colors that you picked you should draw something, BUT ONLY with the 3 ones. I tried this challenge a couple of times, but they didn't looked so well, but still, it wouldn't be a waste of time if I'm gonna try it again, I guess. By the way, I forgot to mention that the challenge itself was created using only alcohol-based markers (e.g. Copic markers), but the art supplies you use aren't such a big deal.

                                                                 (By Fun2draw)

                                                                     (By Kattvalk)

                                                                     (By Emberz)


This challenge is pretty similar to the first one, but the difference is that you need to pick only one color blindly, Indeed, this one is more harder, but it's kinda cool tho.

                                                                          (By Kattvalk)


In this challenge you have to draw something related to a certain theme everyday. I also tried it, but, because of my laziness or my lack of inspiration I gave up, but I would really like to stick to a challenge like this and finish it.


I really wanna try this challenge. The only things you have to do are to draw a portrait of yourself, to write\draw what you like and don't like, and to draw all the things you carry around with you. I think it's a really fun and interesting concept, and something you should really consider trying. That way people can enjoy your "masterpiece" and learn more things about you! By the way, if you didn't understand a thing from what I told you, I will insert some pictures as well so you will get the idea of the challenge:

                                                                            (I found this on google)

                                                                    (I found this on google)

Weeell, that were some challenges, maybe I should've posted more, but, ahem, lack of inspiration, ahem. But I hope you liked them, and that you will try some of them, or maybe all, or none. So, this was my post! Yaay!

P.S. I will let you guys admire a baby bear, it's adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

by Bianca