Moving on to a new sketchbook

Hi everyone! It's Luiza again, and, since I'm almost done with my sketchbook I thought I'd show you guys some of my last drawings, kind of like a sneak-peek before I will (hopefully) film a sketchbook tour.

I tried a lot of things in this sketchbook and I am glad I didn't just stick to one style, since I barely even know how to draw bodies/other stuff yet so having a style would only make that more difficult 

Also, before I get into showing the drawings I want to specify that I used a Canson Sketch Sketchbook (that sounds funny).

Also keep in mind that I am not a professional artist whatsoever, I still have a whole lot of things to learn, so please don't judge if these drawings are not perfect!

This one I absolutely love, especially because it got featured on Drawing Amino! I am so glad, I worked a lot on it and it actually payed off! I also adore how her eyeshadow looks. (even though you can't really see it that well in the picture)

  This one is actually my OC Quinn Aviana. She looks so pretty and so simple! I love her flower crown 👑

 This last one is just a random girl I drew who looks a lot like Velma from Scooby Doo, but with blue hair and I can't say that I don't like that. She was always my favorite!

Well, this is all for today, I know they aren't a lot but I didn't really shot a lot of pictures. I hope I will see you guys soon! And with a new sketchbook! :)

~Keep on drawing~