How to get in the mood for drawing\draw more often

  Hi everyone! My name is Luiza, I am the other owner of this blog and also I am the person who made this blog happen, ironic enough... Cause I didn't really post anything. Oh, well.

  Today I wanted to talk about a subject that I always struggle with, which is like, when you wanna draw but not really. I always have my art supplies with me but somehow don't feel like drawing until after noon\night.. It's really weird

  So without further-ado let's talk about how to get in the mood for drawing\draw more often!

Music: For me a really important thing is what music I'm listening to cause if there is a song that I don't really enjoy it won't really get me in the mood for doing anything so I always make sure to listen to something that will give me motivation. And that can apply for any other action such like writing and making homework or whatever. 

Looking at other artists: Whenever I'm on YouTube I like watching artist videos, whether they are sketchbook tours, speed-drawings or tips for becoming a better artist. Whenever I do that I suddenly feel more productive and want to do something.

Post your art on social media: If you want to draw but always feel like your art is not good enough, but don't really know what you're bad at, it is a really good idea to post your art for people to see and give you tips. A good app is Art Amino\Drawing Amino, it has a special section where you can post your art for constructive criticism, a lot of friendly other artists will make sure to help you!

Sketch: Even if you just want to scribble but feel like that's not really "drawing" believe me, it's really good to have a sketchbook on you for when you have an idea but not for a finished-drawing, or if you wanna practice. I would recommend a sketchbook that is not really expensive or even regular printer paper. After I sketch for a while I often feel like doing something more polished.
No shame in copying\tracing: If you see a really cool drawing and you wanna copy it\trace it or whatever, go for it! And before everyone will jump on me saying that it is not ok, let me explain. Copying\tracing can really help you develop your own style. HOWEVER I don't recommend doing that non-stop, and by "developing your own style" I'm not saying you can just copy someone's style and claim it as yours, If you will ever post it pleasepleasePLEASE credit the original artist! 

Look at pictures!: A really good way to feel like drawing is taking inspiration from real life, I honestly really enjoy Pinterest cause it has a lot of good pictures with people, animals, landscapes.. etc. And whenever I find a good pic I instantly feel like drawing! And don't worry if your drawing doesn't look exactly like the picture, practice makes difference!

Take a break: Sometimes you just don't feel like drawing, and that's okay! You might be sick, or you just don't feel like doing anything, don't worry about that! That is not something to worry about. Just stay hydrated, go outside (if the weather is nice), take a nap. And remember that drawing 24\7 with absolutely no break it's not necessarily the best thing. Don't forget to take care of yourself!

Don't forget!: Have fun! Drawing is supposed to be calming, not stressful. Something that you enjoy. The best thing about drawing is, you are free to draw whatever you want! Don't give up on drawing Anime cause people tell you that "it's not art". Don't give up on drawing cause you think you're not good enough, think about why did you start in the first place.

 Well... I guess this is the end of this post, I hope it was helpful and if you liked it, please share it and don't forget to draw everyday (or whenever you feel like it), byee!