5 Artists that I adore.

Hi everyone! Luiza here, and today I will show you 5 artists that I adore. :)

1. Dramatic Parrot

I've been subscribed to her channel for a couple of years already, she's a very positive person, everytime I watch one of her videos my day gets brighter, she's a very friendly person that has a lot of helpful tutorials.

Here is one of them:

2. Doodle Date

Another channel that I've been subscribed to for a very long time, I watched almost every video (if not all of them, I have no idea), and they're the kind of people that will make you stay in a very positive state of mind. In their videos they're trying to show that you don't need expensive art supplies to make good art, and they're always trying something new. Their videos are usually pretty long but .it's totally worth watching them.

3. Annika Landberg

Her drawings are simply stunning and yet so simple, I don't really have a lot of things to say about her, I just want to say that you should watch her videos and maybe subscribe to her, it'll be worth it.

4. Mei Yu (fun2draw)

I love the fact that she always comes up with an ideea for a fun challenge, every friday she posts a new fun and interesting challenge (as she also says it) seeing her videos is totally worth it.

5. gweakles

The last but not least (as you already know) is gweakles. She has a super interesting and a little dark (maybe a little more) style. I discovered her channel when I was browsing for videos to watch in the recommended section and I found her sketchbook tour. Watch it, you won't regret it.

Well, that's it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed it, don't forget to share if you did. I'll see you guys soon, bye-bye!