My favorite artists on youtube (part 1)

Hi guys! As you can see, my first post on this blog is about my favorite artists, and what I like the most about their styles!

 Sooo... this is my little/big (however you want to say it) list, and.. *awkward moment* yeah..


First thing first, the first channel that I ever subscribed to is Baylee Jae, and I like her drawings, her style and her techniques, and, i think her cats are super-duper-extra-cute!!

Another artist that I love, admire, and adore her artwork, is LavenderTowne. I love her drawings so so much and her style is freaking asdfgfdsvfds!! I'm just jealous that I don't have her style lmao lmao


DrawingWiffWaffles is also one of my favorite youtubers, because her style inspires me so much, and, idk she is so cute, her drawings are so cute, her voice is so cute, she is the deffinition of cuteness!!!

Let's move on another artist, and her name isssssssssssssssssss Echo Gilette!!
She is funny, her doodles are so creepy-ish and I just love it!

(aw bunnies :3)

Soooo, this was my post, I hope you like it, and enjoy it and.. yeah, probably my friend (and the other writer on this blog) Luiza will posts something soon? idk, lol

P.s: sorry for the weird intro and outro but I'm running out of inspiration, so I'll leave here a fox 
P.p.s: Idk, she is just cute